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Family Class

Family reunification is one of the top priority for the Canadian government, therefore offers many immigration programs to reunite families and loved ones.

Spouse, Common Law, Conjugal Partner sponsorship


You may sponsor your spouse to immigrate to Canada inland or overseas if you both meet the requirements.We have the expertise of preparing the application and accurately with attention to detail.

Child and dependents sponsorship


Canadians and permanent residents of Canada can sponsor dependent children to come to Canada if eligibility requirements are met.

Parents or Grandparent Sponsorship


This sponsorship program allows you to sponsor your parents to come to Canada, reside as a permanent resident, and apply for Canadian citizenship whenever qualified. The financial undertaking for this program is mandatory for usually 20 years effective from the day of landing.

Lonely Canadian Program


Canada gives you the advantage to choose and sponsor any of your eligible relatives if you are alone in Canada. The financial undertaking for this program is mandatory for 20 years effective from the day of landing. Certain criteria must be met by the sponsor and the relative to be eligible to sponsor through this program

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Family Class
Provincial Nominee

Provincial Nominee Program

Each province has its own skilled worker program that delivering over 80 programs. To meet their economic needs, PNP programs are designed by the provinces and the applicant PR application needs to be assessed and accepted by the federal government. The requirements and implementation procedures differ in each province or program. If you are eligible for any PNP program you may apply directly to the province, all selected applicants will be invited to submit a permanent residency application to the federal government.

Refugee Claim

Refugee Claim

You can sponsor a refugee through Groups of Five that consist of five or more Canadians or permanent residents. You may also be eligible to apply as an Asylum seeker if you are outside of your home country and fear returning due to well-founded fear for any the reasons: race, religion, political opinion, nationality, membership in a particular social group.

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Express Entry

Express Entry is known as one of the fastest and most popular ways to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. You will be entered the pool and ranked through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the highest-ranking candidate will get invited to apply for permeant residency. In order to be able to apply through Express Entry you must qualify under of the three programs:


  •  Federal Skilled Worker

  •  Canadian Experienced Class

  •  Federal Skilled Trades

To assess your eligibility book a consultation appointment

Express Entry
Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This pilot program allows employers in Atlantic Canada to hire foreign workers or international graduates if the position is not filled by Canadians or permanent residents locally. There are two steps for this program:

  •  Employer designation Application

  •  Endorsement application along with PR

Based on what suites the job requirements, there are three programs to select.


  •  Atlantic high-Skilled Program

  •  Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

  •  Atlantic International Graduate Program

Book a consultation for a full assessment of your eligibility

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